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Prophetic Warning to America and the Church

Prophetic Warning to America
ASLPN had its Physical Executive meeting this past Saturday (April 2, cialis sale 2016) in Olney, Maryland and its HQ retreat a couple of days earlier. God spoke mightily at the retreat and He gave a stern warning to America and the Church. This is the word He spoke:
America! If I destroy you, am I at fault? How would I be at fault? WOULD I BE AT FAULT if I decide to destroy you? America! You say, “there is none like us”, and you forget that there is only One that is high and lofty, and there is only One that is terrible! You are proud! America, you are proud! Proud for nothing. You are pompous for nothing. America, you are arrogant for nothing. America, you know nothing. You know nothing. O ye rebellious, rebellious children! Ah, ah, you have deserted Me! You have diverted even from the things that I have founded. You have opened your legs for everything to defile you! America! America, if I destroy you, will I be guilty? Will they say that the God of creation is guilty? You came before Me, you poked your hands into My eyes, and you say, “what can You do now?” You say I am not ruling good enough, you decided to take laws into your hands. America! I weep for you; for when I start with you none will deliver you out of My hands! When I begin with you, none will be able to deliver you out of My hands. Ah, you rebellious children! America! A nation that is proud for nothing. You put yourselves upon the pedestal, I will bring you down

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. I will cut your wings! I will destroy your pride! I will cut off your resources! America! Who do you think you are? Fighting against the God of creation?

My children, if it’s not for the prayers of the true saints! Even the Church has defiled the reason of being intercessors. Even the very Church has opened their legs for defilement! And you say, “come and save us”; save you from whom? Church, answer, save you from whom? When you have the power, you misuse it. When you have authority, Church, you misuse it, ah Church of the Lord Jesus Christ! This wasn’t what the Church was founded on. Too much insult! Disobedience of the highest degree! Competition. Backbiting. Arrogance. Backbiting. Pride. Showoff in the Church. I am angry my people. My people, I am angry. I am angry! I am wrath against the nation. I am wrath against America. If she is not careful, I will set her up. And I will give her up. I will give her up for a ruler, a ruler that will not respect Me. Defilement! Can you smell defilement in every corner of this nation? Can you smell sin? Sin all over, and they say, “God, come and save us.” The Church has the nerve to say, “God, come and save us.” I only have a few, a few that I can call My own -My own, only a handful. 
Audio recording of the warning message: click here to listen to it

ASLPN Weekly Prayer Conference Call
Please join us TONIGHT (April 7) as Pastor Michael Obi leads us in prayer.
Conference Dial-in: 641-715-3640
Conference Code: 980794#
God bless you.

Weekly Prayer Focus
Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord
Acts 3:19
  • Praise God that He is the God that hears the cry of His people
  • Pray that God will cause His Church and the nation to cry out in true repentance to Him
  • Pray that God will touch the hearts of His people to personally and corporately repent of every sin and wrongdoing
  • Pray that God will change our mindset so that we can know our identity in Him
  • Pray for God to tear down the false altars of religion and restore His altars as houses of prayer.
  • Pray that the wells of revival will open up again all around the nation.
  • Pray for the salvation of souls and a return to the Lord, all over the world.
  • Destroy and cancel the plans of the enemy in waging war against Christians