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A Word of Welcome


If you have just decided to open up your heart to Jesus Christ, I would like to say the following to you.

Welcome to the Body of Christ and to your local church,  wherever that may be!

By giving your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, you have made the most important decision in your life. Through this decision, you’ve been born again. You are now a child of God, a member of the Universal Body of Christ on earth, and a soldier in the earthly army of God.
As a newborn in Christ, you need to grow. Please take time to read the Bible carefully and with a humble and praying heart. As you personally study the Word of God (the Bible)—you may want to begin with the Gospel of Saint John in The New Testament—the Spirit of Christ will teach you the Word and guide you in practical ways, e.g. how to make daily and special decisions based on the spirit of the Word rather than the letter of the Word. He will guide you in your personal and group prayers and decisions as well. That’s how you will develop your personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Your personal relationship with the Lord is the best guarantor of your spiritual growth. Additionally, you will need to attend regular services, Sunday school and Bible classes at your local church.

Beware: the Devil is angry with you because of your decision to lead a new life and have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is determined to hamper your spiritual growth, and bring you back to your old life style. That is why you need to pray daily, asking the Lord for wisdom and strength to stay in His Word, in His Will and in His House, the Church.

Once again, welcome to the Body of Christ!

Yours in Christ,


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