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False Prophets vs. True Prophets/False Love vs. True Love

Religious false prophets

  • Self-centered preachers
  • Self-gratifying preachers
  • Preachers who walk sight and not by faith
  • Preachers who base their actions on reason, senses, feelings and common sense (1 Corinthians 3:19)
  • Preachers who preach forgiveness to others while applying the law on others
  • Preachers who tolerate poor morals out of fear of loosing popularity, church membership or income
  • Preachers with low self-esteem who cannot tolerate dissent
  • Preachers with low tolerance for stress
  • Preachers/believers who condemn sinners rather than interceding for them
  • Drive people away from the church
  • Preachers who are involved in esoteric fraternities or sororities
  • Church goers who consult psychics
  • Church goers who believe in horoscope
  • Preachers/believers who depends on own feelings to assess people and demonstrate love to them

Secular false prophets

  • Psychics
  • Leaders of esoteric fraternities and sororities
  • Anybody who uses the name of God to deceive others
  • Anybody who uses the name of God a lot, but whose lifestyle contradicts the Word of God
  • Anybody who uses the name of God for self gain…

True prophets

  • Christ-centered preachers/believers
  • Preachers/believers who accept delayed gratification
  • Preachers/believers seeking Word-based gratification only
  • Preachers/believers who accept the discomforts that come with a Christ-centered life
  • Preachers/believers who draw people to Christ, not to self
  • Preachers/believers who draw people to church for Christ, not just to swell church membership
  • Preachers/believers who practice patience with people for Christ sake
  • Preachers/believers who pray for sinners rather than condemn them
  • Preachers/believers who trust God to provide for their needs and wait on Him till their right season come.
  • Preachers/believers who depends on the Holy Ghost to assess people and demonstrate love to people

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