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Download Pastor Mengue’s teachings translated in Urdu (spoken in Pakistan):

A Word of Welcome: From my heart to yours

Briefing on Baptism: For new discipiles

Challenged to be Reconciled: A special message on International Women’s Day

Great Promises for Citizens of God’s Kingdom: Inspiration from Matthew 5:1-12

Prayer Workshop on Leadership in Prayer: As in any matter involving more than 1 person, prayer involving more than one person requires agreement and leadership.

The Bag Lady: This song is a prime example of the healing powers of music, lessons in lyrics, and a message in the music.

False Prophets vs. True Prophets / False Love vs. True Love: An overview of the differences, and how to tell them apart.

God’s Righteousness or Self-Righteousness?
Inspiration from Luke 18:9-14.

Help, my love is gone! Inspiration from Matthew 24:1-13

Praying in the Power of God: What does it take to pray in the power of God, meaning, with RESULTS?

Take another look! Psalm 73:16-17 advises that we take another look when things get tough.

What is Love? I have been given the daunting task to speak on love. I can only start by defining love.